It is the shortform for hyperbolic paraboloid. This is a thin shell structure and its aerodynamic shape gives it the ability to withstand strong winds and because it is made with bamboo it also has reasonable earthquake resistance


Wattle & Daub Home

Wattle stands for bamboo weaving. Daub stands for the one inch thick layer of mud plaster on each side of the Wattle.

The roof extension is long enough to keep the daub dry in the heaviest of monsoons. This is a centuries old construction method that keeps homes cool throughout the year. 

Multi-purpose Pond

This is a pond which is like a mini swimming pool. It can also have small fishes. Can be used as a input for hydroponics and its water drain can be used for irrigation. 

Wood Fired Oven

This is a 6×6 feet wood fired oven which is used to make 4×2 feet pizza for celebrative occasions. 

Compost Toilet

The human excreta is decomposed using aerobic bacteria to produce good quality manure. 

Geometry Dome

This is so simple, it can be constructed with twenty-five bamboo poles. It has a pentagonal shape.

Geodesic Dome

This is based on Buckminster Fuller’s patented design. Its aerodynamic shape can withstand 200 km/hour winds. 

Bamboo Bench

This is a bench which is made entirely of bamboo except for the top-level which is of plywood.. It can be used for seating 3 people or for sleeping 1 purpose. It is 6 ft x 2 ft. It has storage space below the sleeping platform. It is lightweight, strong and easy to move.