This is the key to learning by doing. This is where all execution takes place. The saying goes: You can talk all you want, you can plan all you want, but the true value lies in the execution/action.



It is all about eco-friendly living space. The focus is to use renewable resources as building materials, such as bamboo. Bamboo is the most sustainable building resource on the planet. It grows at one foot per day. It is the tallest grass in the world.



Conventional education systems start with facts and end in research. That’s why PhD is the last degree you do. But by then the existing siloed education system has already sucked out all creativity from the individual. It is like a horse with blinders. 

In EBHLE, what we want to do is flip this equation. Children will start learning with research and end with facts, which is the complete reverse of the existing education system.

Alternate Energy

We focus on alternate energy which is trying to minimize mining of fossil fuels and other depleting resources. We are current focusing on wind energy, solar energy and water based energy.


We practice permaculture, organic farming, and regenerative agriculture. This also includes projects like drip irrigation and plant water management systems. Some of the future projects involve programable drip irrigation which will be triggered by moisture levels in the plant soil. We plan to design these programable system using open systems microprocessors like Arduino and Rasberrypi. 


These are projects that are insanely crazy. For example, Pedal powered washing machine, Quantum computing which will be a catalyst for enabling insanely fast implementation of large language models (the foundation of AI).