Bamboo Bench


This is a bench which is made entirely of bamboo except for the top-level which is of plywood.. It can be used for seating 3 people or for sleeping 1 purpose. It is 6 ft x 2 ft. It has storage space below the sleeping platform. It is lightweight, strong and easy to move.


Bill of Materials (BoM).


12 mm  6′ X 2′ Qty 1


5′ 9″ Qty 4
19″ Qty 6

24″ Qty 6
18″ Qty 2 – for short diagonals
22 ” Qty 2 for middle shelf

Bamboo strips for shelves

5′ 10″ Qty 4 bamboo sliced into about 4 strips each
This is for bottom shelf.
34″ Qty 4 bamboo sliced into about 4 strips each. This is for the middle shelf.


5″ long 1/4″ dia. Qty 44
Nuts for above Qty 44
Washers for above 88. Each bolt and nut combination has one washer on the bolt head side and one washer on the nut side.


Self tapping CSK size 6 by 19mm long Qty 6 doz 

Total cost of materials for bench 

As of Jan 2016

Tools required

Wood saw – to cut bamboo.
Hack saw – to cut extra length of bolts.
Electric drill
Screws driver
Size 10/11 spanner to tighten bolt and nut set.

Time to build.

2 people can easily build this within a day