EBHLE is a learning space for children of all ages. It will be the center of a community that focuses on eco-sustainability. Children will learn through the motto – PLAY, LEARN, SHARE. The community will have three pillars – Learning, Livelihood, Governance. Learning will focus on knowledge through doing. Livelihood will focus on self-sustainability. Governance will use Sociocracy for decision making.


EBHLE Community

EBHLE (Experience Based Holistic Learning Environment) is a residential program that is created in a forest with the goal that they will nurture nature and promote living with it in harmony for generations to come.

The program focuses on learning by doing. Children will follow their passion and participate in projects. On completion of projects their learning will be broken down into subjects. The theme is PLAY LEARN SHARE. The projects are their PLAY activity. The LEARNings are the subjects. Their documentation becomes the SHARing mechanism with the rest of the world.

The framework of EBHLE is based on principles of neuroplasticity, bio-mimicry and quantum mechanics.

The community is designed to be eco-sustainable. There will be 30 pods with a total of 300 kids, 60 Host-parents, 60 Host-grandparents and about 120 volunteers. The Learner to Guide ratio will be 5:1. So there will be 60 guides. In addition there will be about 80 families living around.

At full capacity EBHLE Learning space and its Community will have a population of about 800 which includes 300 children in the 4 to 16 years age group, their support people and 80 families. It will be spread over a 100 acre campus with an additional 200-400 acres shared by community members.

3 Main Pillars

The 3 main pillars of EBHLE and its Community are Learning, Livelihood and Governance. While EBHLE takes care of the Learning aspect, members will be provided with ample opportunities to earn enough to make a living. This could be done through opportunities on premises, sale of agriculture and agri-products, conducting training programs and telecommuting jobs. Currently we are using Sociocracy for Governance. Unlike Democracy which is consensus based Sociocracy is consent based and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard.

If you are interested in learning more about EBHLE or joining the community, please visit our website or contact us at