Alternate Energy

We focus on alternate energy which is trying to minimize mining of fossil fuels and other depleting resources. We are current focusing on wind energy, solar energy and water based energy.


This is an underground energy system which will keep the living space at constant temperature throughout the year. It will keep the space freshly cool in summer and freshly warm in winter.


Solar Water Heater

This uses a new type of solar water heating called ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector) made of glass. It uses the principle of the vacuum flask. 

Parabolic Solar Cooker

Parabola has better focused center than a hemisphere as it provides better reflective solar energy which can be used for cooking. 

Solar PV Panels

These are PV (Photo Voltaic) panels used to collect and convert solar energy into electricity. This includes the electricity management system to harness the electrical energy collected.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Unlike Horizontal Wind Axis Turbines, which are used for high output electricity generation (used to generate electricity in Mega Watts), the vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) is used to provide electricity for a home in Kilo Watts. VAWT has a foot print small enough for a home.