From Shammi Nanda : Welcome all, it was meaningful for me to be with you as I also believe that community is the new buddha as said by Thic Naht Hann 
Tim Kelly book – True Purpose Software to implement and operationalize Holacracy

Holacracy  by Brian Robertson

Live Chat Transcript

18:57:10  From Padmajaa Iyer : hi I am Padmajaa
18:57:16  From Padmajaa Iyer : from Bangalore
18:57:28  From Rishi Gangoly : Hi Padmajaa
18:57:32  From Rishi Gangoly : I’m Rishi from Mumbai
18:57:35  From Padmajaa Iyer : Naumrata told me about the call,
18:57:53  From Padmajaa Iyer : hi, nice to meet you.
19:02:52  From Namrataa Arora Singh : How cool! Did not know one can disable private chats when setting up meetings
19:03:00  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Hey Rishi! Hey Padmajaa!
19:03:00  From Rishi Gangoly : Yeah
19:03:07  From Rishi Gangoly : That’s on paid accounts
19:03:09  From Rishi Gangoly : 🙂
19:03:17  From Padmajaa Iyer : hi namrata!!
19:03:19  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Figured 😁
19:03:25  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Hey Dipanwita
19:04:22  From Dipanwita : Hey Namrata.. hello everyone
19:04:33  From Namrataa Arora Singh : So are we waiting for the facilitator..?
19:05:33  From Moto G (4) : hi all!
19:05:35  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Hi Hasmukh! Padmajaa, Dipanwita – Hasmukh is the founder of EBHLE and Sapna Ranch – you can find more info if you google it – it is a community centred around kids
19:06:11  From Padmajaa Iyer : ok
19:08:53  From Namrataa Arora Singh : When you say project, you mean Sapna Ranch or NVC?
19:08:54  From Rishi Gangoly : Okay
19:09:58  From Shalini Bai : Hello folks, i just joined in. cant hear anyone yet.. checking my headset if voulume is muted at your end, pls confirm.
19:10:13  From rajsingh verma : cannot hear anyone
19:10:14  From Namrataa Arora Singh : All are audible – do check your volume
19:11:24  From Shalini Bai : hi, pls give me 5 mins 
19:11:26  From Shalini Bai : i hear you
19:11:39  From Shalini Bai : but i need to set my headset back again
19:12:09  From Dipanwita : my mic is n’t working
19:13:56  From Dipanwita : for me it is purely exploratory and would like to learn more about NVC.
19:15:33  From Dipanwita : thanks much Namrata
19:15:42  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Anytime 😊
19:17:10  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Glad you could also join Amit 😊👍
19:17:53  From Moto G (4) : yes, thanks for inviting me!
19:21:59  From Padmajaa Iyer : i second naumrata
19:35:01  From Hasmukh Sapnawala : I’m connected but I can’t hear anything. 
19:35:19  From Rishi Gangoly : Hi Hasmukh, you need to tap on the mic to enable AUDIO
19:36:08  From Rishi Gangoly : Touch your screen and tap the AUDIO icon or MIC so that your phone can then join the Audio through the call and then you will be able to hear Shammi
19:36:24  From Rishi Gangoly : I will upload this on YouTube later
19:40:59  From Rishi Gangoly : Can “Moto G (4)” tell me your name?
19:41:07  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Rishi – Pls send dial in by phone details to Hasmukh
19:41:29  From Rishi Gangoly : Can “Mi c tt”—ggggggggvi;jn tell me your name?
19:41:47  From Rishi Gangoly : Hi Namrata, Hasmukh can now hear the conversation because his Audio has come on.
19:43:09  From Rishi Gangoly : Also the phone number to dial in to join this call is to dial in to USA. 🙂 So no point. ha ha
19:58:07  From Rishi Gangoly : Hi Ulka,
19:58:15  From Rishi Gangoly : Tap the audio icon to turn on your Mic
19:58:25  From Rishi Gangoly : And when the time is right you can ask your question
19:58:38  From Ulka S : cannot hear a thing 
19:59:10  From Rishi Gangoly : If you tap the audio icon (mic) you will be able to hear the conversation
20:03:55  From Rishi Gangoly : Hi Shammi I have to go for dinner
20:03:59  From Rishi Gangoly : Will be back later
20:10:27  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Rajsingh has something to say I think he has raised his hand
20:10:39  From Gulres : Hi! Sorry I have to drop. An urgent work has come up. I would like to join in in future conversation. Thanks everyone.
20:10:53  From Madhur : Those not speaking, can you please mute, as some extra sounds coming in the call, at times
20:21:53  From Dipanwita : Hi, I need to drop off now. Some great insights. Thanks much.
20:22:15  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Thanks Dipanwita
20:22:29  From Rishi Gangoly : @hasmukh,I’ve muted your mic because we were hearing a lot of background sounds coming from your location?
20:29:34  From Namrataa Arora Singh :
20:31:04  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Thank you so much for today’s call, Shammi and to Hasmukh, Rishi
20:31:23  From Namrataa Arora Singh : Need to drop off now to join my next call 🙏
20:31:28  From Padmajaa Iyer : thank you very much for this call Shammi, Namrata… deep gratitude…I have to leave.
20:32:23  From Shammi Nanda : welcome all, it was meaningful for me to be with u as i also believe that community is the new buddha as said by Thic Naht Hann
20:32:33  From Rishi Gangoly : Yes
20:37:50  From Madhur : Tim Kelly book – True Purpose
20:43:28  From Rishi Gangoly : Shammi can’t hear you.
20:43:34  From Rishi Gangoly : Ah now it’s okay
20:43:52  From Rishi Gangoly : Was anyone else getting the distortion?
20:44:27  From Nitin Dhawan : Nope
20:44:36  From Rishi Gangoly : ok
20:48:22  From Rajsingh Verma : feel enriched.ty
20:51:31  From Shammi Nanda : holacracy one
20:51:40  From Shammi Nanda : glassfrog
20:52:25  From Rajsingh Verma : great.
20:52:41  From Shammi Nanda : Holacracy brian robertson
20:53:41  From Madhur : Tim Kelly book – True Purpose
20:53:50  From Moto G (4) : thanks a lot Shammi!
20:54:45  From Shammi Nanda : brian
20:56:23  From Rajsingh Verma : yes..happy to hear Shammi,tx Hasnukhbhai..hugs n love to all!
20:56:45  From Shammi Nanda : Welcome all, i am grateful to be able to have opportunity to support u.
20:56:51  From Gulres : We should have more of such sessions.
20:57:40  From Madhur : It was a very useful session, thank you Madhur
20:59:26  From Nitin Dhawan : Thank you so much Shammi and Hasmukh for organising this. 
20:59:31  From Nitin Dhawan : Thanks Rishi
20:59:32  From Shalini Bai : thank you all. good night